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A PHP library for easy image handling.

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GImage is a simple and small library based on PHP Image Processing and GD for processing images without stress.

A simple presentation card with GImage

"A presentation card built with GImage" - View code example


  • Load an image from local path, URL or image resource.
  • Create shapes such as rectangles or ellipses with opacity.
  • Resize, scale or crop images proportionally.
  • Rotate images, shapes or texts.
  • Embed text with custom TTF fonts.
  • Compose a pool of images with Canvas.
  • Swap image formats such as JPEG, PNG and GIF.
  • Save images in local or output on the browser.
  • Save several copies of the same image.
  • Render an image in-memory and return the resource.

For detailed instructions see the getting started guide.